Zombie Juice

Zombie Juice is a fast paced, zombie slasher. The first of it’s kind on the app stores. When we set out to make Zombie Juice, Zombie games were in full swing. The iOS App Store had a Zombie category on it’s front page. But in none of them could you directly touch the zombies. We wanted to bring all the visceral action of a zombie movie to your phone. And so we have Zombie Juice.

Use your finger as a machete and protect your home. With enough kills you gain the option of other weapons such as exploding garden gnomes, a bb gun and the zombie classic; the lawn mower. But you’ll need to switch weapons fast to keep them all at bay.


After Hot Tail, our team changed, our company name changed, and we were ready to get to work on something uniquely us. An excellent artist we had with us, Zanda Mylonas, was what I call a “hardcore casual” gamer. He consumed massive amounts of casual, ‘arcadey’, action mobile games at an incredible rate. So when we sat down to come up with our next game, he presented us with Zombie Juice.

I worked very closely with Zanda on every aspect of this game, Menu, AI, gameplay, weapons, art style. It really ignited a passion for game design I didn’t know I had. Of all the games I’ve made so far, this is still the one I’m most proud of. I still play it, it’s a really fun game. I’d love to do a spiritual successor one day.



Official Game Trailer:

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