Robot University

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–[update] On Site Induction
–[update] Camera Set Up
–[update] Camera Set Up – Final


Robot University is an interactive public display at QUT’s The Cube. It is the first Digital Writing Residency in Australia, and it has been awarded to Christy Dena from Universe Creation 101 and she has selected me to be the programmer in the team. The cube is a $230 million Science and Technology center. We will be taking advantage of the touch screens and Kinect motion sensors to build a unique experience for the visitors.

To quote Christy:

The project, provisionally titled “Robot University,” aims to transform negative attitudes towards robots. Western entertainment often paints robots as killing machines bent on our demise. It’s important that we consider the cultural impact of robots and how we interact with them now, so that we can better prepare ourselves for our ever-growing community of robots…a new species we’ve created.”

We are only in the early design stages now, but I hope to add a few development blog posts here as we go along.

The other members of our team are:

Christy Dena – Writer, designer and director

Jacek Tuschewski – Sound designer and composer

Paul Stapelberg – 3D modeller and animator

Simon Boxer – Visual artist

Kirsty Boyle – Creative associate

Prof Peter Corke – Research associate

Lubi Thomas – Senior curator, The Cube

Rachael Parsons – Project manager, The Cube


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