Rest In Peace Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert, renown film reviewer, the first journalist to win a Pulitzer for movie criticism and, as he was known amongst my peers, the man who said “Games will never be art”, has died, aged 70. He was a brilliant writer. For anyone even slightly interested in getting to know him a little, I give you this, an essay from his book “Life Itself: A Memoir,” a beautiful read. []( For those in my industry who don’t know much on how he became the man who made such an inflaming comment, or anyone just looking for an excellent discourse on games and art, I highly recommend watching this talk from GDC 2011 by Brian Moriarty: []( And finally, a wonderful quote from a developer on twitter: “Games are lucky to be young enough that we don’t lose our elders as often as other fields. For a brief moment, we are almost invincible.” Roger Ebert openly admitted he never played games, he had too many “great films to watch and great books to read”. But he undoubtedly had an impact on how many people saw our industry, made us stop and look at ourselves and our medium, and no doubt inspired some fascinating games purely in an attempt to prove him wrong. An influence like that earns him recognition as one of “our elders” as far as I am concerned. Enjoy your ride on the celestial locomotive Mr Ebert.
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