Here you’ll find a collection of links to resources that I have found useful or interesting as a game developer, programmer or indie (or any combination of those things).


IndieBits – A fantastic site from Epona Schweer, a talented young woman dedicated to discovering, experimenting and sharing insight and advice specifically for Creatives who want to make a living doing what they love.

#AltDevBlogADay – A site that hosts guest blog posts from a large array of talented industry professionals on all areas of game/software development. Also the linked to #AltDevConf a professional quality developers conference that happens entirely online, very handy for those of us that live on the wrong side of the planet for most conferences.

News for Interactive Developers – A nice collection of blog posts and articles of interest to game developers all in one place.

Amit Patel – a massive, massive resource. An oldschool feeling website with page after page on all things game development, including various programming and AI topics.

The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Cheat Sheet – Current as of the end of 2012, this page shows the pixel dimensions and character limit of every postable/editable thing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Very handy resource.

Indie Pitch Deck – This is a template for creating a quality game pitch. It was put together by Bubblegum Interactive, and I’d encourage you to explore the rest of their blog also.

Ramblings in Valve Time – The blog of Michael Abrash. If you’re a programmer and don’t know who Michael Abrash is, you should look him up. A great blog discussing some of the things Valve are up to. It’s always worth knowing what Valve are up to.

Game Design:

Game Tycoon – The blog of David Edery, CEO of SpryFox.

Lost Garden – The blog of Daniel Cook, CCO of SpryFox. A prolific blog on all things game design. Many, many treasures to be found in here.

Blocky Pixel Studios – The official blog of Blocky Pixel Studios. This blog has a fantastic tendency to analyse existing games, or specific aspects of existing games, discussing why they worked or didn’t.

Principles of Virtual Sensation – A great post discussing player response to virtual sensations and how to create them to best effect. I highly recommend checking out the rest of Steve’s page, including Tune: A game about game design.


3DBuzz – A very cool site full of free tutorials for many different pieces of software including Unity3D.

GameDevTutes+ – A phenomenal site that pulls together tutorials on so many different and specific topics on game dev. I have never opened that page and not been sucked into the tutorials.

AIGameDev – This one is a mixed bag. It’s not all tutorials, some of it is articles. They do a lot of live casts with some very talented AI programmers, but unfortunately these are very early in the morning in Australia and hard to catch. There is also a lot more content behind a paywall that as an indie I just can’t afford. No matter how badly I want to.

Ray Wenderlich – A scary number of tutorials on many varying dev topics, including multiple engines and languages.


Game Launched – A fantastic new crowd source service specifically for games. It’s completely international, has a marketplace for selling funded games and has put together a Launch Team that consists of gaming experts, writers and personalities that you gain access to for advice and guidance.

Worms World Saga – Purely an inspiration thing. This is an amazingly beautiful web comic with an innovative approach to it’s layout. Can’t help but feel inspired to create something beautiful after seeing this.

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