Project Runner - Intro

Project Runner is a bit of an experiment. Not the game itself, but in how it will be developed. Project Runner will be developed partially live on twitch (please jump over and hit follow ). The design process will be ... semi democratised, in that I want to discuss themes, mechanics and even implementation as I go.

Let's talk about the game. Project Runner is inspired by a game I worked on a number of years ago as the lead developer at Bifrost Studios. The game was called Valkyrie. It's a first person runner for mobile. It was a beautiful game, but from the perspective of what we wanted to make, it didn't reach it's goal. A lot of that is on me. I had very little experience making games, let alone leading a team of developers. I sadly don't have much of the original concept art for it. But that doesn't matter, because I'm not trying to remake it here. But I do want to revisit and explore some of it's design pillars.

They are:

  • A first person runner for mobile with simple touch mechanics
  • A sense of exploration through beautiful environments
  • Environmental story telling

With a few more added:

  • Bring the sense of exploration to the music (I write this as I listen to the Hook OST and am inspired!)
  • No human language, all storytelling and direction done graphically, both iconography and environment

Obviously there are some key aspects to this that I don't have the skills for, and I'll find people if and when I need them. Namely art and music. I'll make use of resources such as the Unity Asset Store to build the game around my lacking skills. And to start with there'll be a lot of system work and mechanic design.

To begin with we have a spline system built from this fantastic tutorial from Catlike Coding and a very basic animation state machine test using the free Unity Chan model. So first up will be putting these two things together so we can run along a spline.