Photon is a connect 3 game unlike the others on the app stores. Not tiles, gems or grids here. In photon you must connect coloured discs. These discs bounce and roll of each other creating a chaotic tension. Clear the discs before the screen fills up. In classic mode you keep playing till you can’t last any longer, while Arcade mode gives you 90 seconds and a fusion meter to achieve maximum points.

Easily the most successful game I’ve worked on, Photon is a deceptively simple puzzle game in the ‘match 3’ style. Photon was featured on Google Play and has had more than 600 000 downloads. Originally written by a single intern programmer and a single intern artist (and managed by Zanda Mylonas), I acted as mentor, and came through later in production cycle to update and bug fix. Towards the end of my time at Bifrost Studios I got about 80% through a serious update for Photon. In fact, so serious, it’d probably be a sequel. Whether or not that ever sees release is up to the Bifrost Team now, but I hope so. Really neatened up the experience, opened up the gameplay and made some big improvements to performance.



The official game trailer:

And below is a video of one of the designers at Bifrost, Denis, who’s colourblind, playing Photon before we added the colourblind mode:

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