Destiny's Push

Today my situation changed. Due to circumstances outside my control, I will unfortunately have to leave Bifrost Studios around March. I’m hoping to still get Photon 2 done before I go, as well as release Valkyrie (previously Eir and Fire). So now, more than ever, I feel the need to get to work on my transformation. Especially the academic side of things. I need to start learning more about programming. More about Unity3D in particular. It’s my strongest skill, but there is so much more I could learn about the engine.

But I said I would address a workout program as well as a course today. Figure out my plan. So first of all, physical conditioning.

I already run three times a week. I’ve been looking for a strength training routine for the other nights. Convict Conditioning gave me that. So here’s my week.

Monday Push-ups and Leg Raises

Tuesday Run

Wednesday Pullups and Squats

Thursday Run

Friday Headstand Pushups and Bridges

Saturday Run

Sunday Sleep. Maybe.

For progress mapping, I’ll start a google spreadsheet. This will show the actual exercise I’m performing on each of the above days. For instance a Push-up is actually the 5th step in the Push-up sequence that ends with one armed push-ups. So for the first month at least I’ll be doing simple Wall Push-ups.

Now, academically, I need to have an approach that is flexible. I’ve decided to re-read my C# Class Design Handbook. A fantastic book for any programmer or anyone learning to program, especially if they’ll be using C# specifically. But what I’m going to do this time is apply the Drill Down technique I mentioned in the previous post to each chapter. This will be a good test of the technique as well as how to fit it into my daily routine.

So, although it is possible I will not have a job in 2 months time, I am not sitting idly, nor panicking. I will be contacting developers in the Brisbane area, I will utilise social networks and connections I’ve made over the last 2 years and this website itself will also help. Things will work out. Life is for living, not worrying about. So long as I am constantly working to better myself, I’m moving forward. I have some contract work lined up for the year, and I believe I could get more if it came to it.

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