#1GAM - Update 2: Not going to make it

I suspected this would be the case, but now I know for sure. There is no way I’m going to get a game completed every month. If you’ve read this blog sequentially, you’ll know that life has thrown another…challenge at me lately in the form of needing to find a new job. As with all new jobs, it’s not just a matter of finding one and going  back to the old routine. There are always teething periods and adjustments. Add to that the fact that I never got an opporunity to start my Januray game and I think the realistic thing is to accept that I don’t have a lifestyle that will allow me to create a game every month.

However, a good friend of mine, Harrison (@hcwool), suggested I try making it a One Game A Quarter challenge. I like that idea. As far as I’m concerned if I get one game done, and published on some public platforms like Kongregate or Newgrounds, then I’m doing better than ever before. So I’ll aim at 4 games this year instead of 12.

So, I need to pick a game to do first then. I need to focus more on making one that I really want to see made, instead if just trying to think of 12 ideas.

There are a couple of ideas from my first update that I really like. I’m currently going through a big Shadowrun obsession. Again. So I definitely want to do something based off the matrix portion of that game in some way. Something more of a strategy/puzzle game but with some “RPG” elements in that you can outfit your deck with different programs before you start and improve them afterwards.

I’m also very keen for the turn-based vehicle game (which was the “Sea Battles” one on the list) but I’m over the boats idea. I’m more keen to do a Gorka Morka inspired game. Desert, bolted together trucks, men in makeshift armour clinging to the sides shooting at each other. Think Mad Max. Again, this would have RPG elements, but for this scope I may scale that right down to just “building” your team at the start from a points system. This one definitely needs to be multiplayer. For two reasons. One, that’d be cool. Secondly, it cuts AI out of the scope.

Lastly, for now, I really want to do the Japanese point and click adventure. This one feels like a true chance to flex my design muscles and show what I can do.

And that leaves one last spot for the year, which is fine, I committed myself somewhat to making two games as part of an experiment with some “tweeps”. This is supposed to happen later in the year, so one of the above games will probably be dropped for those. I’ll do another post when more details are known on those. So I need to do these in the order of preference knowing that one will probably be dropped. I’d say the Japanese P&C is probably the one I want to make the most, but it needs the most time spent on design. Which means not only will I do it second, but I need the first one to be short and sweet so that I can use some of that quarter to design it. I’m also a month down for this first quarter, so this first one needs to be very simple to implement.

I guess that makes the decision for me. I’ll make the Shadowrun Matrix inspired strategy/puzzler first. Then the Japanese P&C and then we’ll see how I’m going from there.

Chat soon,


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